Borderlands project


I am seeking $3,200 in monthly patronage to support my work in El Paso, Texas, serving migrants and developing educational curricula on the border through June 2020. 

I have spent the past year engaged in self-supported curriculum development and migrant service on the US/ Mexico border and I need your support in order to continue! Everyone who supports me will join a circle receiving weekly writing, poetry and videos on current place-based projects in El Paso, Texas.

The first $1700 of monthly patronage will go towards my basic costs of simple living in El Paso. $500 monthly will go towards direct expenses associated with migrant service. $1000 monthly will go towards a woman/trans/femme leader in El Paso also engaged in unpaid labor serving migrants and community.


Active Migrant Solidarity

When migrants present themselves at the United States border, they are imprisoned in detention, returned to Mexico, or released to a shelter in El Paso. I work in active solidarity with migrants in each of these conditions.


Border Classroom

I create curriculum which brings to life the experience of migrants and residents in El Paso and Juárez today so that students can understand the reality of life at the border.